New for 2017, team Trailblazer has grown so we have been developing experiential tours (a.k.a. ROADTRIPS!), that we know you’ll love. Picture yourself hopping into the car, with a few friends, & enjoying a day out exploring unique destinations, within Durham Region, ON., that have been pre-planned just for you!

Being Trailblazer’s, we create to captivate by mapping out engaging road trips from concept to completion. Routes can be customized for special interests or for small groups. During your outing, you’ll have a chance to shop, dine, discover, learn, make or take away something valuable from each experience, PLUS- create fond memories! Trailblazer Tours enable you to explore culture sites, discover unique businesses, & to meet interesting new people, with unique skills, PLUS enjoy ‘exclusive’ ROAD TRIP offers! 

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                   By the way, while we’re finalizing Trailblazer Tours…check out the Uxbridge App.


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