Trailblazer Creative’s founder, Sari, began her Marketing career in the promotional products industry coordinating orders for corporate clients such as IBM, Honda, Snap-On Tools, Kubota, Bombardier, YMCA & other businesses who understand that Marketing is a competition to be seen! Following years of sales, & customer service experience, Sari developed a flair for creating unique promotions & marketing plans that engage the public, & often involve multiple co-sponsors.#teamwork. The result is promotions that gain more publicity, & increase brand exposure for each business involved.  Team Trailblazer has experience planning promotions & marketing for both the pubic, & private sector. We've customize promotions several promotions in Uxbridge & we can work with budgets of all sizes. For many promotions, we’ve started with just one creative idea, & a tiny budget,  and we’ve often enhanced & expanded it by forming partnerships. One such example, is the WIN THIS SPACE business start up promotion which we founded, & proved so unique that it won 3 prestigious awards!   The promotion also gained recognition across the country, & has now been replicated  as a economic development model throughout Canada. #creativity #collaboration #trailblazer #WeCreateToCaptivate

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