The Uxbridge App…it all began with a red carpet & #ZeroUsers! Now, the app has grown to over 1200 users, & several hundred social media followers- in a matter of months. #ThankYouUxbridge

It took months of working on the app- behind the scenes- with the development team, but GO live had arrived! We recall (very well!) all that was involved to get the Uxbridge app up & running just in time for a Ladies Night red carpet launch event. (Ask us about what happened with Google Play- just ONE hour before the launch party!). Not only were we unveiling the app to the Community, during the red carpet launch, we were also the Coordinators of the Ladies Night event (that involved over 25 businesses & sponsors), so we hand our hands full, & drank lots of coffee to stay perky!  Anyway,  both the launch & the event very successful! Also, what a great feeling it was to meet so many people who were all excited to hear that “our” town had an APP!

Since the launch, it has been hectic juggling marketing projects, planning events, creating promotions, & handling the app administration! We’ve learned a lot about Mobile Marketing & we look forward to sharing our insights with local businesses, during our Cre8tive Coaching sessions. Overall, it’s been very enjoyable getting to know many more #Uxbridge residents, thanks to our Uxbridgeapp social media channels.  We’ve also received positive feedback & lots of ideas for “our” app. Everyone has also been pleasantly surprised to hear that the Uxbridge App’s locally owned, by Trailblazer Creative – right here in our community.

Thanks again for your support Uxbridge ! We look forward to continue growing the Uxbridge app, & gaining even more app users, & social media followers, in 2017!


Uxbridge App red carpet launch during Babes Shop Brock Ladies Night