Trailblazer Creative is a unique marketing company that plans creative promotions & engaging events.   CEO (Creative Entrepreneur Owner), Sari Pandopulos, possesses a flair for Marketing along with an abundance of creativity to develop concepts (from the ground UP)! She’s skilled at fostering collaboration, & can co-ordinate each step of your marketing to ensure it is effective. Here’s a link, visit her Portfolio.

Being Trailblazer’s, Sari & her team work with both the public & private sector on marketing projects of all sizes & budgets. Working together with their clients, they identify new, creative paths forward & opportunities to build brand recognition.



Marketing is a contest to gain people’s attention!

Trailblazer’s mission is to connect businesses & people using marketing.

At Trailblazer Creative we CREATE TO CAPTIVATE!

New for 2017…

Team Trailblazer’s GROWN so we’re ready to help MORE businesses with Marketing!

Our team has also developed exciting marketing programs for the NEW experiential tours (a.k.a. road trips), that we know you’ll love! They’re another interactive way to connect businesses & people. Watch for details about Trailblazer Tours! 


Trailblazer Creative is your one-stop marketing source!

In addition to coordinating promotions, events, & tours, we can also handle all your marketing needs; business cards, post cards, posters, banners, brochures, booklets, promotional items, print ads, signs, social media, website admin, & MORE! Additionally, Trailblazer Creative now can now assist your business with Mobile Marketing.


Is your business visible on the Uxbridge App?

Learn About Mobile Marketing!

It Puts Your E-business Card 

Right Into People’s Hands…

24/7/365, on their phone.       


Ask for the details!

By the way, Uxbridge app is ‘free’ to download:


For more information, visit the Uxbridge app website 

 For more Trailblazer marketing projects, glance below!

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             For events we’ve planned click this link.

Curious About Our Paisley Branding?

It’s a series of cre8tive twists & turns, created to captivate! Just like Marketing.

FUN FACT:   Several well-known artists & musicians, found inspiration in paisley elements, including Prince, the Beatles, & of course, Brad Paisley. Read more here & on our website posts!